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The Qualities to look out for in a General Contractor

By: Paul Stetina

Looking for a general contractor for your house renovation project? Unsure which general contractor is right for you, as there are so many to choose from? Deciding to select a general contractor is the first step in handling any house renovation, so in the following article, we will provide information about the qualities to look for in a general contractor. 

Do Your Homework

  When doing home renovation projects, an experienced contractor is necessary. So, to find one you must do your homework by searching up contractors in your area. Find out how long a contractor has been in business by searching their business on any trusted search engine. However, experience should not be the only quality to look for. Look into the contractor’s business for past reviews made by other clients. Once you’ve done your “homework”, then contact the contractor and set up a meeting to discuss a potential contract for your house renovation project.

  It would be best to meet with multiple contractors to weigh your options when looking for the right contractor. Talking to numerous contractors allows you to see the different prices set by each contractor. As a general rule, we suggest not choosing the contractor that offers the lowest price, especially if the price is a “good deal.” Not choosing the contractor that gives you the lowest price protects you from shady contractors who cut corners to save money. Over the last 20 years Amerimex Homes Inc has seen many clients scammed by other contractors that offered “quality” services. Still, the contractor found ways to limit their cost by doing the job project incorrectly or making many mistakes, leaving the client with the mess of fixing the project and spending more money than they originally wanted

The Qualities to Look for When Meeting a General Contractor

  When meeting with a contractor to discuss a potential contract, pay close attention on how the contractor handles the meeting with you. The meeting will entail the wants and needs you seek out of the project. While having the discussion, good communication from the general contractor is imperative. You need a contractor that you can trust; a contractor who is actively listening to the details of your project will show they see you as an asset and not as a dollar sign. A good contractor will listen to what you say and even offer feedback or ideas for potential problems you would like to address in your project.

  A contractor may not always have a solution to every problem, but they should at least listen to your situation and possibly have alternative solutions. For example, let’s say you have a cramped kitchen that you would like to renovate to make the cramped space feel spacious. Your idea of removing a wall to make the space bigger cannot be done because the wall is load-bearing. If the general contractor is a problem solver, they may find an alternative solution to the problem. Below is a picture of a client that Amerimex Homes Inc took care of. 

IMG_1531 (1)

  In the images above, Carla Padron, owner of Amerimex Homes Inc, found a simple solution to making this kitchen feel more spacious. She noticed that the fridge was taking away a lot of counter space and that the pantry closet was small. Her solution to helping the client have their dream kitchen was moving the fridge to the pantry closet while incorporating cabinets to keep the pantry’s space closest. Furthermore, she moved the island counter and created a peninsula to gain more countertop space. These are simple solutions that a general contractor can do to solve a cramped kitchen problem. Note that not every kitchen can be accommodated like the one above, but it shows that simple solutions can make the outcome of a renovation project worth every cent. 

Overall, the best advice to take out of this article is to understand your own goals and values for your home renovation and apply them to the contractor that best fits your goals and values. Having a trusted contractor is necessary to know that you are getting your project done correctly and not incorrectly. 

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