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Eco Friendly Building With Amerimex!

For years construction work has had a negative impact on the environment. We at Amerimex, are here to change that. We believe in creating a home that is healthy for you, your family and the environment! Everyday we help implement the circular economy, to mold a brighter and cleaner future. The circular economy is more than just recycling!

We build homes to be energy efficient. We do this many ways

  • Building an airtight home with better windows and better insulation
  • Using energy star appliances
  • Working with companies who can make your home partially or completely solar powered. Based on your preference.
  • Working with electricians that can wire for a charging station for electric cars.

We use materials that are 

Disposing of our waste in a responsible way is very important to us.

For more information on having a better impact on the environment click the button above or visit www.epa.gov